Construct a narrow

A narrow is a set of filters for WyzePal messages, that can be based on many different factors (like sender, stream, topic, search keywords, etc.). Narrows are used in various places in the the WyzePal API (most importantly, in the API for fetching messages).

It is simplest to explain the algorithm for encoding a search as a narrow using a single example. Consider the following search query (written as it would be entered in the WyzePal webapp's search box). It filters for messages sent on stream announce, not sent by, and containing the phrase cool sunglasses:

stream:announce cool sunglasses

This query would be JSON-encoded for use in the WyzePal API using JSON as a list of simple objects, as follows:

        "operator": "stream",
        "operand": "announce"
        "operator": "sender",
        "operand": "",
        "negated": true
        "operator": "search",
        "operand": "cool sunglasses"

The full set of search/narrowing options supported by the WyzePal API is documented in the WyzePal Help Center article on search. There are a few additional options that we don't document there because they are primarily useful to API clients:

  • pm-with:1234: Search 1-on-1 messages by user ID 1234.